09 April 2012

Update: Nampa and Kornelia 8 April 2012

In the summer of 2006, we met two girls in a northern Namibian village, Nampa and Kornelia. They had been selected by one of our partners to receive bicycles on the basis of both their academic performance at nearby village schools, and because of their status as orphans.

The girls’ commitment to their studies, in the face of adversities we could only imagine, really left a mark on us. We stayed in touch after meeting them, and a couple of years later decided that if we could help them with their studies, we would. A little research into the options and it soon became obvious that we wo

This is the fourth year of financial support, and we’re convinced that all the hard work is paying off. The girls are young women now, and making their own big decisions about their futures. Nampa is in the second year of a microbiology degree at the University of Namibia. While her dream is still to study medicine, she is working to get the marks she needs to make the progression.uld need help to give them this support, and together with you—our friends and family—we were able to bring them to a highly regarded school in the capital, Windhoek.

Kornelia is now in grade 12, the final year of high school in Namibia. Kornelia’s academic performance last year was brilliant, topping her class in a number of subjects, and we’re confident she’ll do well and progress to university. Kornelia wanted to study nursing when we first met her, but now this is only one of the options she’s considering—performing well in maths has opened the door to many other possibilities.

Thank-you for your ongoing support, it really means a lot to us, and to the girls. With your help we’ve raised $4,300 for the year, or 78% of our fundraising target, and while there are still some expenses to cover, the year is off to a great start.

It seems appropriate that six years since they first received bicycles, we were recently able to deliver bikes to the girls, again to help them with transport to and from their places of study, albeit in a very different environment to when we first met them—Nampa in 2006 (with Clarisse) and now.

The girls saying goodbye to Julia and Nicholas. Although we’re now far away, Michael still visits Namibia three times per year, and caught up with them in March

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