18 January 2011

A new year begins...

Hi all,

Happy new year! I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

Since 2009 you, Michael and I have been supporting 2 Namibian girls, Nampa and Kornelia, to access quality education. They are from a village in northern Namibia where they live with their grandmothers (they are both orphans). In 2009, we brought them to Windhoek to attend Combretum School, where we manage to secure a scholarship for each one. Between 2008 and 2009 we raised US$8,000 with family and friends from Australia and Brazil, and an Austrian trust (Onghalo) to make that happen. We first imagined these funds would cover only 1 year, but since the school provided them with accommodation, we manage to cover 2 years of living expenses for both girls. That included books, school material, uniforms, pocket money, a French course, glasses, health care, computer, transport, etc. 2009 and 2010 were busy years for all of us.

We are now starting a new phase. In 2011, Kornelia will be in grade 11. Nampa finished her grade 12 studies with great marks and awards. She is now enrolling in the Medical School at University of Namibia--she will be doing a science degree with a view to transferring to medicine. She got a school loan from the Ministry of Education, and it will cover her tuition fees and accommodation costs. We are really proud of their efforts and dedication.

For us to be able to maintain our support, we would like to ask again for our friends help. For 2011, we need a total of US$ 4,500 to support the girls in Windhoek.

If you are interested, any help will be good!

We are now able to accept donations through BEN Namibia's online donation service (via credit card), which gives you a tax benefit in US:

Alternatively you can make a deposit in our bank account – we use this account exclusively to manage the girls' fund.
Bank: Nedbank Namibia
Branch: 461609 - Main Branch
Account number: 12000668174
Name: Clarisse Cunha Linke
Address: Franz Indongo St, Windhoek - Namibia
Code for overseas transfer: NEDSNANX

Let us know if you donate via any of the means above, so we can keep track.

Thanks so much to everybody who helped us so far!

All the best,
Michael and Clarisse

PS Follow Nampa and Kornelia's progress through the Owambo Girls blog:
http://owambogirls.blogspot.com/ , the girls are currently at home with their grandmothers but we'll press them for a much needed update it when they return.

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