23 March 2010


We have been quiet in this blog, but not quiet in Namibia! After a long and difficult year for us and the girls, 2009 is gone. Nampa did very well in grade 11, but Kornelia faced a lot of challenges. We were prepared for that as we (us, Kornelia and the teachers) were all aware of how different the level of education can be between a school in the village and a private school in Windhoek. The school director and teachers decided Kornelia deserved a second chance considering: she is a very dedicated student and did her best, she has some gaps that need to be addressed, and also the fact that she is quite young and has not yet turned 16. So we were happy when Combretum decided to extend her scholarship for her to repeat the year. We know this is very rare and a great opportunity for a great girl. Her tough topics were Maths and Physical Science, and this year she is working really hard on both subjects. Tomorrow we have a parent-teacher meeting at the school and I am really looking forward to hear the teachers' feedback.

Thus far 2010 has been a lot about what is next. We are helping Nampa with all her questions and decisions around tertiary studies. Her dream is to apply for medicine abroad. We have been searching for universities and scholarships in South Africa, US, Canada and Australia. If anyone is interested in helping us (with funding or searching or suggesting links and courses), please contact us!

Just a note, as the school also provides the lodging and food, we saved quite a lot last year so funds that were donated by you are also being used for this school year.

Again we would like to thank all of you who assisted in the girls' fund. We wish you were here to smile with us every time we see them so proud of their accomplishments and new opportunities.

We asked them to write a few paragraphs about what has changed in their lives since last year, how is school going, and what they see next. Here it is:

"I am now 17 and this year I am doing my matric (grade 12) at Combretum Trust school where i started with my grade 11 last year (2009).

Moving to Combretum really changed a lot of things in my life positively. For example we have got a good Maths teacher and, through his teachings, my mathematical skills improved a lot. My English has also improved and I appreciate the fact that I am learning a foreign language (French).

Apart from that, being in a city and starting to get used to city life also means a lot to me. It exposes me to a lot of things and I am learning a lot both at home, at school and outside home and school.

Because I am doing my last grade of high school, I am starting to apply for universities both inside and outside the country. Moving to Windhoek has increased my chance of applying to universities outside the country which rarely happens to learners in the north.

I am interested in studying medicine. However it is not an easy field to enter but along with my decision(s), I have got Mrs Clarisse and Mr Michael on my side advising me and helping me out. I appreciate this". Nampa (Dosantar)

"Being in Windhoek has really change my life,especially when it comes to education. The education I'm receiving now and the one I was receiving before I came to Windhoek are really different especially in Maths and English subjects. Last year I was studying grade 10 at Combretum Trust School and it was really a difficult year for me. My big challenge was that the standard of teaching at Combretum was much higher than I was used to at my village school. As a result my grades were not high enough to pass grade 10.

Even though I had problems last year, I have a strong feelings that I will make it to grade 11 next year. This year my subjects improved, especially Maths and English subjects which were giving me most problem last year. I'm continuing with French which I started last year. Now I'm the only person from my village who can speak French and I'm really happy about this. When I finish my secondary school I want to study nursing". Kornelia

Oshili Nawa!

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